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Exterior Storage Compounds

exterior-storage-compounds, Dublin, Ireland, North East

North East Space offer exterior storage compounds from 1000 square feet upwards depending on customer requirements.

Exterior storage compounds are secure, fenced and gated areas that are ideal for storage of robust products and equipment. They can be used as a mini-depot for plant and construction industries, courier and freight companies, plant hire contractors or anybody storing bulky durable products that don’t need the protection of indoor storage.

North East Space can provide containers to place in these compounds so that items such as theft attractive tools and equipment can be stored in this along with parking for vans/vehicles in the same compounds.

These compounds are also used by companies based outside the Greater Dublin and North East region as Satellite Sales Display Areas for their products. A company selling, say, granite products, who are headquartered in Cork but want a low-cost presence to showcase their products without the expense of setting up a permanent depot in this area can use this facility.

There is a population of 1.5 million within a 50 kilometre of North East Space so if your business is located a long distance away from this market, then these compounds operated as Satellite Sales Display Areas might an attractive proposition to consider to expose your products to a larger market.

Exterior compounds are a very flexible method of self-storage in County Louth for those needing a combination of commercial vehicle parking and equipment or product storage. As with our self-storage units and workshops at North East Space, the duration of rental is a minimum of one month so you are not tied into any long commitment or any exorbitant cost to vacate the compound. Thus, it is ideal for those with seasonal storage requirements.

Our exterior Self-Storage compounds are very keenly priced and variable in size from 1000 square feet to 5000 square feet.


exterior-storage-compounds, Dublin, Ireland, North East
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