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EU Business Addresses

eu-business-addresses, Dublin, Ireland, North East

North East Space offer very useful services by way of post boxes and EU business address services for your businesses operating at distance or outside the Republic of Ireland. They are also ideal for small or start-up enterprises who may be operating from home for low-cost purposes but nevertheless want to give potential clients and suppliers a positive impression.

Having a business address in a business park solves the problem and comes at a low cost that will not break the budget. Likewise, a post box can be also added so that mail can be received at that address. We also provide larger post boxes in cabinet form that will allow your business receive parcels and hold effects for you.

Great uncertainty reigns at the time of writing with regard to Brexit, the process where Britain are leaving the EU in 2020. It is unknown what the impact of this will be on both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland businesses. A lot is depending on the ongoing border arrangements negotiations about whether a “hard border” or a “soft border” is created between on the between North and South.

A hard border will create huge difficulties in moving goods and services between the North and South of the country and, in effect, between Britain and the EU. A “no deal” exit from the EU by Britain would have even worse consequences for business.

Our post boxes and EU business address services are increasingly being used by Northern Ireland and British mainland companies as a means of protection against the fallout from the eventual Brexit outcome, whatever that might be. They are a very cheap solution to effectively having an EU base only 30kms south of the border at North East Space. Your business is formally registered at our property and correspondence can be received in safe, secure fashion at that address.

All this for a fraction of setting up a bricks and mortar facility in the Republic of Ireland!


eu-business-addresses, Dublin, Ireland, North East
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