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UK – EU Trade Services

Are you an E-commerce or a bricks and mortar business in Northern Ireland or the UK?

Are you exporting or importing from the EU?

Recent legislative changes have made trading with the EU much more difficult and painstaking.

  • Issues with duty being applied on product returns from the EU.
  • Amazon changes to “Responsible person for CE-marked goods” now needing to be based in the EU.
  • Customs procedures that are vague and open to different interpretation.
  • Delays in clearance that hinder timed deliveries to/from your EU suppliers and customers.
  • Additional costs being applied by customs clearance agents and freight forwarders.

The solution to the above problems is to have a trading base in the Republic of Ireland (ROI) and therefore the EU.

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At North East Space, we offer inexpensive standard and tailor-made packages that supply you with a legal Registered Business Address in the ROI along with enhanced services of storage units and lockers ranging from 10sqft to 500sqft, plus goods handling and delivery services.

We are conveniently based just off the M1 Motorway, between Dundalk and Drogheda, Co Louth.

You can have a base in the EU from £1 per day with no long-term commitment!