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workshops, Dublin, Ireland, North East

At North East Space, we offer tailor-made workshops from 250 square feet up to 1500 square feet. These are self-contained units suitable for all businesses, be they manufacturing, offline and online distribution or any trades. Single and 3-phase power is available as required depending on use. Our low-cost workshops are very popular and our prices include many overheads as standard that would be extras with other competitors.

They are ideal for start-ups or established small businesses that want space without the long-term commitment of a long lease and all the onerous obligations that come with such an arrangement, in particular, the personal guarantees that conventional landlords invariably request from tenants.

At North East Space we are much more flexible and user-friendly in our approach to small enterprises and self-employed people who need commercial space. We operate on the basis of a simple licence agreement so that you are not locked into a long commitment which, if circumstances change, you cannot get extract yourself from except at high cost.

With us you have the freedom to leave at a months’ notice and alternatively, should you wish to decrease or increase your unit size as your business grows or diminishes seasonally, we will happily facilitate you without any penalty.

All occupiers of our workshops have access at all times to the use of common meeting rooms should you wish to engage with clients or suppliers. There is no charge for this service. Meeting rooms come with high speed fibre broadband.

Mini Business Units are effectively WORKSHOPS or large SELF-STORAGE UNITS combined with adjoining OFFICES. We can design a combination to your exact requirement and amend that without cost as your business needs change.

All-in monthly price includes following:

Local authority rates
Light and heating (subject to fair usage) with single and 3-phase power
High-speed fibre broadband – up to 1000mb (subject to fair usage)
Separate meeting room availability for all tenants
Property insurance
Water charges
Business address
24/7 Access


Workshops, Dublin, Ireland, North East
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